Text Banking

Text Banking allows members to access account balances, make transfers, view the last 5 transactions and make loan payments with their cell phone.

  • Registration is fast and easy:
  • To access this service, go to e-Banking and click “TXT Banking” at the top of the page.
  • Enter your cell phone number, provider, a PIN number, and a default account
  • Members with established mobile banking access can change PIN at anytime and are encouraged to change PIN every 90-days for security purposes
  • No internet connection required; access your account anywhere, anytime
  • No computer required after initial activation and registration of member’s phone
  • Will only respond if the request comes FROM the member’s registered phone
  • Will only send information TO the member’s registered phone
  • Does not send personal information when sending information to a registered cell phone

Is my account information safe?

We are constantly reviewing and updating our security measures to ensure the integrity of your financial data. Additionally, by monitoring your account yourself you protect yourself against identity theft and fraud.