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With a growing elderly population, pressing and difficult questions arise about health, financial, and legal issues. Are you or someone you love dealing with issues due to chronic illness like Alzheimer’s or heart disease, or through unexpected crises such as a fall or stroke? Regardless of your situation, planning ahead is the key to having more options.

Health care, legal and financial planning are crucial in making sure that your needs are taken care of in order to protect your assets, as well as your quality of care and quality of life.

Understanding this, Les Bois Federal Credit Union has partnered with Board-Certified Elder Law Attorney Peter C. Sisson, of Sisson & Sisson, the Elder Law Firm, to provide our members with resources and information to help guide them through frequently difficult and financially painful situations.

This partnership, along with no-cost resources listed below on this page, are designed to help provide guidance for members who may be facing any or all the following questions:

• Will I outlive my money?

• How can I preserve and protect my assets for my spouse and children if I ever need expensive long-term care?

• How can I leave the most to my children and grandchildren without losing control of my finances?

• Can I afford a nursing home or assisted living facility if I need that level of care now, or if I need it sometime in the future?

• What does Medicare cover and what other health insurance coverage is advisable?

• Do I need long term care insurance?

• Should I purchase an annuity?

• What sort of legal strategies can protect me and my assets?

• How will I be able to get good long term care?

• How will I pay for my long term care?

• If I need Medicaid, how do I qualify?

Definitive answers to these and other questions should be considered on an individual basis by an attorney whose practice is concentrated in Life Care Planning, which is a combination of Elder Law, Estate Planning and Elder Care Coordination.

Les Bois Federal Credit Union members may contact the offices of Sisson & Sisson: The Elder Law Firm to see if they qualify for an initial consultation with Peter C. Sisson, Board Certified Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation. Or check out our event calendar to register for any of our upcoming free public seminars.

Sisson & Sisson: The Elder Law Firm
2402 W Jefferson St
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 387-0729

Peter Sisson has graciously provided the website links below for free resources on Medicaid, estate plans, Alzheimers, and more!