VISA® Classic

VISA® Classic Credit Cards are a way to purchase goods and services that gives the consumer the option to pay a monthly minimum on their purchases with an interest charge on the unpaid balance.

  • Maximum spending limit is $15,000
  • Low competitive variable interest rate (Prime plus 4.75%)
  • Payment amount is 2% of unpaid balance
  • Minimum payment is $25
  • No fee for cash advances
  • Grace period
    • 25-day grace period on purchases
    • No grace period on cash advances
  • Payment Options
    • VISA® Auto Pay – automatic flexible payment options
  • Annual fee of $15 is waived if the card is used a minimum of 24 times during the year
  • If a VISA® Classic Card is lost or stolen, members should immediately call 1-800-325-3678

Can I make my payments at the Credit Union or do I have to mail them in?

You can mail your payments directly to us, however we strongly advise you to use our Automatic Transfer. We can set this up to either make your minimum payment or pay the balance in full.