How We Can Help

We at Les Bois Federal Credit Union pride ourselves on providing exceptional service. Here's a few of our favorite stories from staff who are helping members like this every day!

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"I helped a member get a loan for his girlfriend’s engagement ring. Shortly after, he brought her in to see if we can help her credit score. We were able to clear up some issues from her past and save her money on a new loan. Within six months she had completed everything on a checklist that I gave her, and they were ready for a new car. When I put in the application, her credit report came back with an A credit rating. She now has a higher credit score than her husband…which he “blames” me for. She was so happy!!!" Submitted by Heidi, Financial Services Representative.

"A member came into the branch and while helping with her account I noticed she frequently had a negative balance. I suggested she sit down with me and together we created a monthly budget for her. Since that time she now saves over $100.00 a month and has not gone into the negative since. I really felt like I was able to make a difference in her financial success." Submitted by Melissa, Financial Service Representative.

“I had a member that had some credit issues from the past she wanted to remedy. She had some medical situations and suffered a few years prior to meeting with me about cleaning up her credit. She wanted a loan to pay off her medical bills and other collection accounts. Her parents (also members) had called me multiple times to offer to co-sign or help their daughter. The parents mentioned to me that they had a history of ‘bailing’ their daughter out of difficult situations and wanted to help but did not want just to give her the money. I asked if the parents, if they had to, could they just get the cash to their daughter. They said yes. I asked about possibly depositing these funds to Les Bois so we could use them to secure their daughter's loan. This plan would accomplish a lot of things: help the daughter rebuild credit, pay off collection accounts that had been haunting her for years, and teach her a healthy way to borrow and pay back on her own. The parents did not need to co-sign and therefore would not be accountable for the monthly payments. The parents were grateful they could help in a healthy manner, and the daughter was excited to get some bills taken care of, and to rebuild her credit.” Submitted by Charlene Robertson, Business Development.

"I worked with a couple that has not had a loan with Les Bois in a long time. They came in looking to get a loan to put new floors in their home. By the time they walked out of my office I had refinanced all of their other auto loans with other institutions. They also are now saving $500.00 every month." Submitted by Heidi, Financial Service Representative.

"A member was shopping for new boat with her significant other. They found a super deal and called on to see if they could qualify. It was near closing time on a Wednesday afternoon, and the member had to work in another city the next day. It appeared that things wouldn't be able to happen until Friday, which could be too late to get the boat their hearts were set on.

However, on Thursday I was able to finalize information with the boat dealership, fax the docs to the member's office, and made arrangements for dealership to accept her personal check that afternoon (and leave with the boat).

Meanwhile, the member's husband had called her Thursday morning, extremely worried that their dream boat would be gone by Friday. Wanting to surprise him, she told him she was going to need to sign the loan docs in the morning. That afternoon she was able to go by the dealership on her way home. She pulled into their driveway Thursday afternoon with boat in tow. She went into the house and he asked about the loan and she told him she was going to need to get to Les Bois in the morning to sign loan documents, then told him she had left her purse in the truck and could he go out and get it. She says he was so surprised that he broke into tears."
Submitted by Karen, Financial Service Representative.

"After getting a phone call about our auto loan rates, I was able to set up an appointment with members who had a limited relationship with Les Bois. After our initial meeting I was able to save them over $300.00 a month from lower fees in their new checking account and lower interest rates on all 3 loans." Submitted by Melissa, Financial Service Representative.